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Doctorate in Education



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School of Education

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Yvette V. Lapayese

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Victoria L. Graf

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Magaly C. Lavadenz


Historically, African American male students have been marginalized in our society and we have seen the repeatedly through the media, educational statistics, and prison statistics. This study was completed to examine the intersection of race and gender in urban classroom setting by looking at the impact of African American male student. This study challenges culturally responsive pedagogy and looks at a more specific pedagogy, African Centered pedagogy to determine the effective practices African American female educators use to positively impact the African American male student in the classroom setting.

The data collected in this study demonstrated that African American female educators make a conscious effort to prepare African American male students in their class for the obstacles they will have to face in society. They provide positive classroom environments and multiple opportunities for these students when American society does not, and they demonstrate a critical understanding of the gendered experiences of African American students and act accordingly.

This study proposes that there is a need for a more specific pedagogy introduced in teacher education programs in order to prepare not only African American educators but also all educators to better support African American male students by using Black feminist thought.