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Doctorate in Education



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School of Education

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Magaly C. Lavadenz

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Franca Dell'Olio

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Yvette V. Lapayese


This inquiry examined the practice of instructional coaching in a large, low-performing, high-poverty urban high school. The participation of instructional coaches was examined in light of the school's attempt to construct a culture of social justice in a long-marginalized community. This research examined at instructional coaching through the framework of social reproduction theory in order to ascertain specific instructional coaching practices that may substantiate or validate the existence of legitimation, deskilling of teachers, and cultural hegemony, in an urban secondary school. Among key findings were 1) the disconnect between the intended purpose of instructional coaching and the actual interactions between the coach and teachers have the resultant effect of legitimation through the deskilling of teachers; 2) documentary evidence revealed that the curricula promoted by the instructional coaches at the Education Complex results in a cultural hegemony, having the reductionist effect of narrowing the curriculum to only the most basic levels of cognition, and proffering only what is deemed "legitimate" knowledge. Methods included interviews with instructional coaches, examination of documentary evidence, and observations of instructional coaching activities.