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Master of Arts


Marital and Family Therapy

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College of Communication and Fine Arts

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Jessica Bianchi


This paper uses a qualitative approach to explore quantitative assessment tools and their use in art therapy research with patients with cancer. An archival method was used to gather articles on cancer research which were compiled from peer-reviewed journal articles available online. The author used a systematic analysis to select articles that met the specific research criteria of working with cancer patients in a medical setting, included the implementation of art therapy, and the administration of a pre- and post-test. Twenty-two quantitative assessments fit these criteria. Further exploration was conducted on the five most common assessment tools. These five assessments were further analyzed for emergent themes and characteristics. These common traits were that all of the assessments were self-report questionnaires, four out of five were Likert scales, the assessments were chosen for their accessibility, and many of the research studies were not accessible to a diverse population. It was concluded that these quantitative assessment tools are helpful in art therapy as they contribute towards creating quantifiable results in the research. It may be useful to implement these assessment tools in further art therapy research with cancer patients in order for art therapy to be more frequently employed in medical settings.