Submissions from 2022

All in the House, Karyn Casper

Submissions from 2019

A Pink Umbrella by the Lake, Ji Hong Ahn

Kneeling Sheep, Jiali Bao

Breaking Boundaries, Dina Burlis

The Green Motel, Jeanine Fiser

Breaking Up and Entering, Andrew Gioia

Mark, Francisco Huzel

Winter Horse, Lance Liu

Blink of an Eye, Collin Nelson

Fishbowl, Gaurav Pathak

No Bad Days, Ivan Salinas

Submissions from 2018

Feet of Fire, Amanda Ayres Abicalaffe

Bear with Me, Carlos Cortes

Z-Man, David Fortune

My Scarlet Letter, Brendan Gates

Trace, Colin Gray

My Keeper, Caroline Papadimos

Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport, Kyriaki Sarri

Neptune, Grant Zizzo

Submissions from 2017

Detained, Hajar Al Naim

Smoke + Mirrors, Jonathan Burnett

Blouse & Skirt, Ashley Shauna Deleon

Dear Dad, Alexandra Eddy

The Intruder, Hazar Eskandar

Up for Demolition, Brittany Green

Frenchies, Kuan Fu Lin

Clark, Daniel Mcdonald

Sin Lottery, Kate Neuer

Communication, Alex Newman

Spring, Orchid (Ying Chun), Hengqing Pan

The Off Season, Jenna Park

Transcender, Ernest Pathi

Cascade, Bret Quinn

The Con, Ariel Rejae

The Mortician, DJ Ross

Not Your Average Fairytale, Briana Salvage

Typical, Ese Shaw

Terry's Women, Anastasia Shulepova

Josh, A Journey, Charles Vijay Kumar

The Playing Field, Ahleea Zama

Submissions from 2016

Diane, Alec Baer

Father Sky, Mother Earth, Frank Cohen

Sandcastle, Alison Cukierski

Camden's Children, Jameo Duncan

Astronette, Andrea Edgley

Cereal, David Falcone

Fatigued, Isis Grills

Rupture, Dwayne Kemele

Storage Unit, Erik Long IV

Exonerated, Adam Maksoad

Maric Ruz, Christine McAulife

Jail Bait, Jonathan Talbert

Monty and the Runaway Furance, Joe Taranto

Just for Today, James (Billy) Yates

Submissions from 2015

Sounds We Have No Letters For, Bernard Badion

Barnyard Slop Trough, Jack Gustafson

I'm Kind of a Big Deal, Emily Hale

We Men are Lions, Jim Jacobi

395 South, Chris Jones

In Zugzwang, Daniel Kaumpungan

The Ladies, Edouard Marchand

Farewell My Bird, Ameneh Moghaddam

Brothers Under the Same God, Ed Morales

Borderline, Elida Portillo

The Morning After, Irma Puzauskaite

The Debt Shadow, Elizabeth Quinn

Spread, Joseph Toretti

Anatomy of a Pimp, Chantelle Wells

Submissions from 2014

DEAD-BEET, Erika Lawson

Submissions from 2013

The Real Housewives of Shakespeare, Jamie King

The O'Boys, Brandon Tanori