Interfaith Engagement and Student Empowerment Among Latino/a and African American Students

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This article presents results from a qualitative study conducted at a Hispanic serving institution in Southern California exploring interfaith strategies that can best support Latino/a and African American students. Five themes emerged from this study: (a) the significance of family, race, and ethnicity, (b) social justice as motivation, (c) interfaith engagement promoting spiritual development, (d) conduits and barriers to interfaith engagement, and (e) evidence of interfaith skills and attributes. Based on the results, researchers offer best practices for cultivating a robust multiracial interfaith campus environment.


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Wagoner, Z., Carter, I., Escoffery-Runnels, V., Gonzalez, B., Montes, A., Reyes, N., & Ruengvirayudh, P. (2019). Interfaith engagement and student empowerment among Latino/a and African American students. Journal of College and Character, 20(3), 259-267. doi:10.1080/2194587X.2019.1631191