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The objective of this case study was to identify the signs and symptoms of concussion and post-concussive syndrome in a collegiate, female basketball player, as well as her progress to becoming symptom free. The patient, a previously healthy, 21-year-old with no previous head injuries, experienced a concussion and continued to participate in her sport. Even though the athlete knew the risks of playing while symptomatic, she did not report her symptoms, and continued playing until the season ended. This case highlights that even when patients know the risks, they may be willing to overlook them to continue playing and it emphasizes the importance of further education. In addition, it shows that even when following recommended guidelines, and with normal neurocognitive testing, symptoms may come back upon return to play.

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Strand, S. L. (2013). Post-concussive syndrome in a female basketball player: a case study. Open Access Journal of Sports Medicine, 4, 123–125.