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Honors Thesis


English (ENGL)

First Advisor

Jessica Langlois


Herein is my portfolio which exhibits my collective work in a journalism workshop class. This includes several blogs and feature articles that were completed within a semester. The blogs and articles mainly cover the topics of foster youth in higher education and a current issue/trend within film and television culture. As a current LMU Guardian Scholar, my interest lies in covering news and feature stories that highlight these Guardian Scholars Programs on other college campuses in the greater Los Angeles area and what various social support services they are providing to their students to help them combat the hurdles of economic hardship and the lack of family support. I intend to create a final portfolio of related news stories including a reaction story and in-depth profile that showcases a comprehensive exploration of Guardian Scholars Programs, its staff, and people who work in the field of improving the lives of at-risk youth. While these articles offer a glimpse at diversity on college campuses, ultimately they will illustrate a universal human experience of perseverance and determination. I also explore a creative topic within the film industry which is showcased in an issue/trend story. This required extensive reporting, research, and group work. I hope to bring light to a current film/television issue and how it is impacting film professors and students at Loyola Marymount University.

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