Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Biology (BIOL)

First Advisor

Michele Romolini


Urban ecology is the study of how humans interact with their built surroundings, particularly in cities, which have high population densities and significantly altered natural environments. A subset of this field looks specifically at urban green spaces, which are vital areas for community health and environmental benefits. In this study, residents from Inglewood, Santa Monica, and Culver City, California were surveyed to determine how demographics affect their use and understanding of green spaces in their neighborhood. Data was collected from 98 individuals over the three cities at parks, libraries, and farmers’ markets to best represent the city’s known demographics. Statistical analysis was done to determine the differences between these cities and the measured demographic variables of gender, race or ethnicity, income, and age. No statistical difference was found between the various demographics, city, or survey location. However, some trends were present that suggest that there may be some differences between the three cities.