Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Computer Science (CMSI)

First Advisor

John David N. Dionisio


In universities across the country, on-campus organizations use mentoring programs called “bigs” and “littles” to help match up new members with more seasoned members of their organizations. This process helps the newer members to feel more at home in the organization. Many organizations designate one person or a committee of people to help decide on a pairing for the bigs and littles. This process comes with biases towards people that the organizers know the best. It also generates complexities from not having an equal number of potential bigs and littles. Hatch-a-Match seeks to eliminate the biases and complexities from this process by automating a matching system from an easy-to-use web app. In the matching process, the algorithm will automatically match any two people who ranked each other as top choice. The rest of the matching process uses a genetic algorithm to sort which of the matchings are better than others. The current goal of the project is to allow organizers an easy and efficient way to input the preferences of their participants, and in return receive a potentially great matching.