Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Art (ART)

First Advisor

Samir Naimi


Synthesizing the investigative research and cautionary messages from experts in the fields of technology, political science, and behavioral science, this project explores the ways in which digital analytics has begun to influence the American political arena. Historically, political parties have constructed systems to target voters and win elections. However, rapid changes in the field of technology (such as big data, artificial intelligence, and the prevalence of social media) threaten to undermine the integrity of elections themselves. Future political campaigns will utilize profiling to micro-target individuals in order to manipulate and persuade them with hyper-personalized political content. Most dangerously, the average American voter does not understand how these technologies will influence elections. This research project simplifies the complex technological and sociopolitical landscape in order to educate the public on the issue. Even more important than understanding the problem is arming people with practical solutions to combat this intimidating problem. Therefore, this project utilizes the language of visual design to turn something complex and intimidating into something approachable and empowering. This academic and creative contribution aims to ensure that American elections remain free and fair.