Pebbled Skin

Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


English (ENGL)

First Advisor

Gail Wronsky


Pebbled Skin is an 19-page chapbook of free verse poetry of witness, exploring the female experience in the present day. My work is semi-autobiographical and incorporates real encounters I have had or have witnessed, real conversations I have engaged in, and real people who have influenced my life. My poems focus on the personal and political identities of women and the complex ways these identities interact. Much of my work explores these themes through relationships, whether familial or romantic. I also address current events and politics and how they intertwine with women’s personal struggles and hardships. Along with an emphasis on the oppression and objectification of women, I have explored female empowerment as it relates to positive relationships, productive activism, and personal growth often experienced through nature.