Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Management (MGMT)

First Advisor

Charles M. Vance, Ph.D.


When it comes to management and human resources principles, the most meaningful and effective way to understand generally accepted concepts is through actual practice. While classroom theories are rooted in truth, the application of these ideas is what develops and equips the future workforce for real-world, professional situations.

By taking a very action-oriented and experience-oriented approach, this inductive analysis will examine three distinct co-curricular on-campus work experiences that I have been involved with over the course of four years (as part of the management staff of the Los Angeles Loyolan, Mane Entertainment and the Honors Program's Attic Salt Interdisciplinary Journal). In addition to that, I will analyze and compare the insights gained from working in the Human Resources department at an off-campus Fortune 500 company (DIRECTV).

Using qualitative field research, this discussion puts learned principles to the test by putting them into practice. The results will provide salient, real-world takeaways and insights regarding organizational structure, workplace culture, change management and employee engagement - all of which are key objectives in the study of maximizing the potential of human capital and embodying effective management.