Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Mechanical Engineering (MECH)

First Advisor

Mahsa Ebrahim


The purpose of this capstone project is to build a collapsible prosthetic shower leg that can provide a transtibial amputee with reliable support while showering. Phil Tamoush, an 83-year old transtibial amputee, was the inspiration for this work. Phil’s constant travel for his arbitration work leaves him without the option to bring along his usual shower leg due to the additional space it takes up in his travel bag. There are currently no commercially available prosthetic shower legs that can collapse into a condensed unit, so this capstone project explores an unexplored field for which there is a significant need. The current prosthesis prototype hosts the residual limb in a cone-shaped socket and straps to the thigh using a modified knee brace for primary support. The pylon utilizes a telescoping mechanism to adjust two rods which allow for customization based on the user’s height. Ultimately, the universality incorporated into various aspects of the prosthesis shall allow for accommodation of various transtibial amputees.

Capstone Design Showcase Slide, Collapsible Prosthetic Shower Leg.pptx (18679 kB)
Presentation Slide- Engineering Design Showcase