Settlers of K'tah

Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Computer Science (CMSI)

First Advisor

Dr. Andrew Forney

Second Advisor

Josh Morgan


While many famous board games have video game adaptations, they do not take advantage of the digital format by introducing new features or concepts. Settlers of K'tah is a multiplayer video board game that combines the classic strategic gameplay of Settlers of Catan and the high-paced aspects of K’tah, a video game created by our advisor Dr. Andrew Forney. Settlers of K'tah was created in Unreal Engine and involves two to four players competing and collaborating to gather resources, build armies, and fight off a zombie horde. There are three victory paths to allow for complex gameplay, and a simulation was designed and implemented in order to ensure optimal game balance between the three paths. The game supports two game modes: local multiplayer and pass-and-play. The project was created in collaboration with two animation students.