Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Film and Television Production (PROD)

First Advisor

Charles Howard


For film producers, the promotion of a film can be more important than the actual film itself. Oftentimes, the success of a film is determined by its marketing campaign, and at the core of film marketing is the movie trailer. As a result, every producer should have an in-depth understanding of trailers and their role in the promotion of a film. This paper seeks to provide a foundation for such an understanding through a discussion of the past, present, and future of movie trailers. Specifically, it begins by exploring the history of movie trailers before transitioning into a discussion of the current movie trailer industry and the most effective trailer-making techniques used today. Finally, the paper evaluates how trailers may continue to evolve in the coming years, particularly as a result of innovations and pressures from rising streaming services, such as Netflix.