Looking for Lotte


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Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Animation (ANIM)

First Advisor

Tom Klein

Second Advisor

Jose Garcia Moreno

Third Advisor

Shane Acker


Experimental animator Lotte Reiniger was an innovator in Weimar Germany, but her historic and artistic significance has been largely overlooked. Her films, her charisma and her technological innovation prove that she was an incredibly diverse artist and a role model for future modern and multimedia filmmakers. I have studied Reiniger's art and historic life throughout my years of college, even traveling to Europe to view rare archival resources and to interview international filmmakers, scholars and former collaborators of Reiniger's. This film, Looking for Lotte, explores — in visuals and narration — the artistic journey that I experienced through my research into Lotte Reiniger. I consider why Reiniger's significance has been overlooked for so long, why her work and legacy matters to me, and what message her life and work yields for young artists today.


My submission is a short animated documentary film. The current upload is still in progress and I will update the submission when the film is completed.

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