Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Biology (BIOL)

First Advisor

Dr. Sarah Mitchell


RNA binding proteins (RBPs) are critical in regulating gene expression and many cellular functions. Recent proteome-wide studies have revealed hundreds of novel RBPs showing new modes of binding. A subset of RBPs known as aminoacyl tRNA synthetases (aaRS) catalyze the covalent ligation of an amino acid with its corresponding tRNA in the synthesis of aminoacyl-tRNAs. A recent study found a significant number of novel mRNA-binding proteins to be cytosolic aaRS. The novel functions of RBPs and aaRS are important to consider for their potential relationships to human disease pathology. Dominant intermediate Charcot Marie Tooth type C, also known as DI-CMTC, is in part caused by mutations in the YARS gene that encodes tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase and mutations in the HARS gene that encodes histidyl-tRNA synthetase. This project investigates the binding patterns of histidyl and tyrosyl proteins within yeast strains to begin to understand how these disrupted noncanonical functions of aaRS may cause inhibited protein translation and result in CMT phenotypes.

Included in

Biochemistry Commons