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Honors Thesis


Computer Science (CMSI)


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Fractured Sky is a tactical role-playing game with a story that hinges on the balance between making moral decisions and pursuing power. This game will be one of the first of its kind to feature fully procedurally-generated levels in which every component of the level can be interacted with by the player.

Each level will be procedurally-generated and, thus, entirely unique and never experienced before by any player. Because each tile and object is placed through procedural-generation, it can act as its own entity independently of the surrounding tiles. As a result, this gives us the ability to modify certain parts of the level instead of placing one unified, static map. Every level changes as the player progresses through the level — explosions will damage and destroy the surrounding environments, characters can break down walls, and all containers can be searched and looted. This creates a more interactive experience compared to typical games of the tactical RPG genre and fosters replay-ability because the next playthrough will feature entirely new level layouts.

On top of this, Fractured Sky will include branching story options that can impact the narrative and introduce new endings. This will further encourage players to replay the game to discover all possible options. My goal is to make the player’s choices truly matter as if they are experiencing a dynamic universe instead of a game where everything has been determined before the title screen boots.

Story Summary:

In a sleepy town in the woods, the lives of two brothers are altered overnight when a shooting star crashes into their treehouse. Oblivious to the consequences, the younger of the two is granted magical powers after making contact with the meteorite. As more shooting stars crash into the countryside, the world descends into chaos.

The boys find themselves on the run from both a scientific organization with questionable motives and an ancient cult who has seemingly foretold the unfolding uncanny events. Unsure who to trust, they must determine where their alliances lie and of whom they encounter shall join their journey.

Fractured Sky (Mac OS).zip (84900 kB)
Fractured Sky Playable Demo for Mac OS

Fractured Sky (Windows).zip (73907 kB)
Fractured Sky Playable Demo for Windows

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