Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Civil Engineering (CIVL)

First Advisor

Negin Tauberg

Second Advisor

Joseph Reichenberger


The Los Angeles Eco-Village (LAEV) is a co-op housing community, located in Koreatown, focused on building sustainable and economically cooperative living in an urban environment. The purpose of this project is to transform a property recently acquired by the LAEV, called Song’s, into a multipurpose community hub. The project design goals established with LAEV founder and community members, include cultivating new highly sustainable and resilient ideas on urban living and incorporating educational elements that inspire the community and visitors to live more sustainably. This project proposes three design elements to improve the community use of the newly acquired Song’s at LAEV site. The design elements are a Learning Garden equipped with a garden education center, a rainwater collection, storage, and use system, and an improved aquaponics system. The report discusses the design of all three elements and their inclusion within the overall site. A California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) report and a cost analysis were completed to determine the environmental impacts and total project cost for the design.