Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis


Environmental Studies (EVST)

First Advisor

Michele Romolini


Similar to other types of non-profit funding, environmental grants have a continuing history of being inaccessible to the groups that could benefit from them the most. While many environmental stewardship organizations are in need of funding for community projects, Los Angeles lacks a clear network of environmental funders that is accessible to all potential actors. This project is a proposal to study existing environmental funder coalitions as well as philanthropic trends in Los Angeles. The findings from this research will ultimately be used to compile a database of environmental grant sources in Los Angeles detailing both funders and their grant programs, and will finally lead to the creation of a preliminary funding network model. The funding network and database will be accessible to the general public and will provide thorough, intentional grant information in hopes that stewardship organizations will be able to experience a more efficient, transparent process when pursuing funding.