Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Engineering (ENGR)

First Advisor

Hossein Asghari, Ph.D.


Free space communication systems have enjoyed increased attention due to their high transmission speed, high throughput, and infrastructure-free applications. However, these systems are generally either expensive or static devices. An affordable, dynamic system is required for the creation of ad-hoc networks and to widen adoption of the system. An affordable dynamic system was designed using commercial off-the-shelf products and widely accepted standards, allowing for hobbyist and personal use. The components were tested and operation of greater than 900Mbps was confirmed for the system operating with a fiber optic cable as a transmission medium. This system was designed to operate in near-infrared and was chosen to be eye safe for wide adoption. A galvanometer scanning system was used to create a unidirectional aiming system, allowing one endpoint to move while continuing communication. Free space communication was confirmed to work; however, final testing was unable to be completed by the project deadline.