Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access

First Advisor

David Offenberg


As a student, one of the number one pieces of career advice I have been given is to talk to people. Whether it be through informational interviews, networking events, or guest speakers, I have been encouraged to learn from the experiences of others. By doing this, I have avoided learning many lessons the hard way and ultimately made much better-informed career decisions.

This research project is a quest to learn from the experiences of others not just about careers but about life. I interviewed a diverse group of people — including a barista, a CEO, a record producer, and a hairdresser — to see what I could learn from them. The result is a collection of quotes, photos, and my thoughts to share what I took away. “Why Didn’t We Ask?” is a broader attempt to learn from the people around me. It changed my life and set me on a philosophy of learning more from those around me. This project shares the wisdom that each interviewee brought to the table, and I hope that it can encourage others to see what they can learn from those around them if they just ask.