Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Theater (THEA)

First Advisor

Nenad Pervan


I will be doing my senior thesis project on the role of Juliette in Eugene Ionesco’s absurdist play Exit the King. In the play, Juliette is the palace maid, but beyond that she represents “the people.” In a world governed by unfit rulers, she symbolizes the workers and the people that have existed and currently exist under the monarchy, and all the difficulties they must endure. My mentor for this project is Neno Pervan, who is also the director of Exit the King at LMU. Performances will take place in the Barnelle Theatre from February 9-12th and 15-18th. Throughout this acting process, I will discover the mind and body of Juliette. While most of the work for this senior thesis will be done in the rehearsal space and during the final performances, I will accompany this work with research, journal entries, and other creative media to support my acting approach. Lastly, as part of this acting thesis, I will prepare my resume and headshots to be ready for post graduation success.