Date of Completion


Degree Type

Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Biology (BIOL)

First Advisor

Philippa M. Drennan


Abronia maritima, commonly known as the red sand verbena, is a threatened halophyte endemic to California and Baja California. The growth of A. maritima is primarily restricted to stable sand dunes along southern California and Baja California coastlines. The purpose of this research was to identify optimal environmental conditions for seed germination so policy makers can make informed decisions about dune restoration and preservation and to identify the habitat in which A. maritima is likely to establish. This study determined the optimal temperature for germination and the role of environmental cues of germination, such as photoperiod and alternating temperatures. Our results indicated the optimum germination temperature is 22.3°C and that A. maritima seeds are negatively photoblastic; constant darkness increased germination rates most when combined with a constant temperature of 24°C.