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Honors Thesis - Campus Access


Theological Studies (THST)


Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ, is a prominent figure in Christianity, especially Catholic and Orthodox Churches. She is a figure worthy of praise and honor. Mary is named "Blessed among women" in the Gospel of Luke, which many people take to mean she is Blessed over and above all women. But there are two other women in the bible, Jael and Judith, who are also given the title "Blessed among women." Many people find comparing Mary with Jael and Judith distressing because the stories of Jael and Judith reveal them to be killers. Can we find a parallel between these women that is fruitful without dismissing the ugliness of murder? While it may seem unlikely, the stories of Jael and Judith are very much like Mary's if we look for it. They are all stories that challenge us to live a life of action and of faith. They are all messages of hope and of joy, bringing encouragement to the Other in today's society. We must look past our discomfort and accept the challenge to live our lives the way these Blessed women lived: full of confidence, courage, and faith.