Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity in School and Society

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Conference Proceeding


Language, Culture, Identity, Bilingualism, Multilingualism, Multiculturalism


The influx of immigrants in countries worldwide, coupled with the challenges associated to the schooling of their children in host countries' schools, makes it more necessary than ever to broaden our knowledge of the linguistic, ethnic, and cultural realities derived from this phenomenon. This is the rationale for the present Colloquium, which revolves around the following topics:

  • Individual, school, and societal bilingualism/multilingualism-related issues
  • Multi/Transculturalism-related issues in families, schools, and society
  • Impact of bi/multilingualism on individuals' and societies' language, culture, and identity
  • Impact of multi/transculturalism on individuals' and societies' language, culture, and identity
  • Language ideologies, policies, and practices
  • Promotion, maintenance, and development of minority and heritage languages
  • Impact of language loss on individuals' perception of culture and identity
  • Implementation and outcomes of immersion, transitional, and two-way bilingual programs
  • Use of students' native languages in the classroom
  • Code switching, Code mixing, and Translanguaging
  • Creation and use of Pidgins and Creoles
  • Idioglossia
  • Sign languages (International, American, Nicaraguan,...)
  • Linguistic landscape
  • Impact of immigration on families and individuals
  • Language brokers
  • Generation 1.5
  • Third Culture Kids, Adult Third Culture Kids, Cross-Cultural Kids, and Global nomads
  • Kaigai-shijo and Kikoku-shijo
  • Military brats, missionary kids, and borderlanders
  • Education of refugees, newcomers, and international orphans and adoptees
  • Ethnic and cultural identity issues
  • Ethnic and cultural differences between teachers and students

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Author's last name, Author's first initial., & Author's last name, Author's first initial. (2016). Title of chapter. In F.Ramos (Ed.), Proceedings from the II International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity, in Schools and Society (pp. of chapter). Retrieved from

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  • 01-Wiseman.pdf (399 kB)
    Integrating Global Competencies in the Curriculum
  • 02-Farias.pdf (336 kB)
    These Kids Are Different: An Exploration of How Ideologies and Personal Experiences Influence Teachers' Identities
  • 03-DiCerbo.pdf (338 kB)
    Negotiating a Democratic Learning Space through Teacher Cultural Narrative
  • 04-Aranda.pdf (419 kB)
    Linguistic Identities and Pedagogical Practices: Transnational Bilingual Teachers
  • 05-Martin.pdf (384 kB)
    A Conceptualization of Transfer for L2 Multilingual Writing from a Translingual Lens: Codemeshing as Evidence of Transfer
  • 06-Sager.pdf (766 kB)
    Factors Influencing the Use and the Status of Spanish in Five Bilingual Preschool Classrooms
  • 07-Lee.pdf (464 kB)
    Understanding Cantonese in the Portuguese Classroom
  • 08-DuVernois.pdf (358 kB)
    Impact of Immigration on Students, the PK-12 Perspective
  • 09-Silva.pdf (414 kB)
    Cultural and Linguistic Rights of Immigrant Pupils in Catalonia Schools: The Role of School Principals
  • 10-Tonogbanua.pdf (418 kB)
    Understanding the Complexities of Transmigration Experiences through Digital Storytelling
  • 11-Cassells.pdf (467 kB)
    The Psychological and Educational Impact of Immigration-Induced Maternal Separation on Children
  • 12-Marcos.pdf (346 kB)
    RIUSS y el Papel de la Traducción en el Español de los EUA
  • 13-Pessanha.pdf (519 kB)
    La Conciencia de la Complejidad: Un Espacio para el Aprendizaje
  • 14-Pagola.pdf (427 kB)
    Discovering English[es]: The Experience of Otherness through Literature
  • 15-Delamorclaz.pdf (320 kB)
    La Animación como Herramienta Multicultural y su Impacto Social
  • 16-Navarrete.pdf (357 kB)
    Tres Relatos Contemporáneos para la Enseñanza del Español Lengua Extranjera
  • 17-Navarro.pdf (359 kB)
    Reflexiones sobre el Proceso Enseñanza-Aprendizaje Solidario en un Aula Multicultural de Literatura Postcolonial
  • 18-Gomez.pdf (364 kB)
    Multicultural Schools: Supporting Diversity in Education
  • 19-Lopez.pdf (403 kB)
    Los Programas Europeos Erasmus Plus para la Internacionalización del Profesorado y del Alumnado: Following the Footprints of the Emperors, Un Proyecto en Marcha
  • 20-DelPozo.pdf (367 kB)
    Global Classrooms Project: El Modelo de las Naciones Unidas en el Aula
  • 21-Carrera.pdf (143 kB)
    The Use of Haiku to Stimulate Creative Processes in the English Language Classroom
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