Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity in School and Society

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  • 00-Introduction.pdf (77 kB)
  • 01-Misechko.pdf (436 kB)
    Choice of a Second/Foreign Language as a Socio-Political Issue
  • 02-Pallavi.pdf (1070 kB)
    Ideologies in Practice: Understanding the Case of Multilingual Migrants in Classrooms of Delhi
  • 03-Ruiz.pdf (514 kB)
    Influencia del Lenguaje en el Rendimiento Académico en Contextos Multiculturales
  • 04-Flores.pdf (362 kB)
    Developing an Institutional Approach to Culturally Sustaining Practices at a Hispanic-Serving Institution
  • 05-Hidalgo_de_Jesus.pdf (340 kB)
    Integrando al Estudiante Latino en los Programas de Español Universitarios
  • 06-Ehlers-Zavala.pdf (345 kB)
    Pathway Student Identity and Support Systems for Their Success in US Higher Education
  • 07-Freitas.pdf (343 kB)
    Plurilingualism in TESL Programs? Are We There Yet?
  • 08-Baker.pdf (346 kB)
    Developing Asset-Based Understandings: A Discourse Analysis of Teachers’ Reflections on English Learners
  • 09-Excell.pdf (1208 kB)
    Using Identity Texts to Boost the Confidence and Attainment of EAL Learners
  • 10-Milton.pdf (313 kB)
    How Can a Regular Class Teacher Recognise and Develop an English Learner’s Literacy?
  • 11-Jones.pdf (629 kB)
    Reframing Literacy from a Deaf Chinese Lens: Practice and Implications
  • 12-Loan.pdf (415 kB)
    The Effects of Students’ L1 on Learning English Linguistics at USSH-HCMC, Vietnam
  • 13-Bussert-Webb.pdf (396 kB)
    Latinx Children’s Spanish and Translanguaging Perceptions and Strategies for Writing
  • 14-Ferro.pdf (365 kB)
    Socialización Bilingüe en Galicia: Enumeración de Contribuciones en un Aula de Educación Infantil
  • 15-UHalie.pdf (306 kB)
    Collaborative Learning Strategies to Design Academic Science Curriculum for Elementary ELLs
  • 16-Perandones.pdf (320 kB)
    Los Debates Formales como Instrumentos de Enseñanza de Lenguas Extranjeras y de Acercamiento a Otras Culturas y Modos de Pensar
  • 17-Carrera.pdf (300 kB)
    WhatsApp and the Teaching of English: Exploring the Scope of Personal and Technological Frontiers in Teacher-Student Technological Environments
  • 18-Crawford.pdf (725 kB)
    The Natural Approach to L2 Instruction: Teaching L2 without a Textbook and with Minimal Grammar
  • 19-Leiva.pdf (208 kB)
    Attitude Scale Results of Student Confidence Overtime: Participation in an Integrated Mathematics / Computer Programming Curriculum
  • 20-Santos-Hatchett.pdf (315 kB)
    Secondary Dual Language Immersion Programs in Texas
  • 21-Kroll.pdf (420 kB)
    Reculer Pour Mieux Sauter: Towards a Pattern in the Work of Four Minority Language Literature Writers
  • 22-Corral.pdf (405 kB)
    Linguistic Ideology in Şalom
  • 23-Ibarrola-Armendariz.pdf (337 kB)
    The Use of Creole in Edwidge Danticat’s Claire of the Sea Light
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