The One Facing Us


The One Facing Us


Ronit Matalon


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December 2, 2012: Sunday 2-3:30pm (in Faculty Commons, not Von Der Ahe Suite)

The One Facing Us by Ronit Matalon

Matalon, through photographs and storytelling, conveys the story of a Jewish family in Africa, which has interesting roots in Egypt. Esther, seventeen years old, wild and rebellious, is sent from Israel to Cameroon to stay with her hardheaded uncle Sicourelle, who is charged with straightening her out. But Esther resists her uncle's plans for her future--which include marriage to a cousin--and in the privileged indolence of postcolonial Africa, she looks to the past instead. Using sepia portraits and scraps of letters, Esther pieces together the history of her family, a once-grand Egyptian-Jewish clan, and its displacement from Cairo in the 1950s to Israel, West Africa, and New York.

As the worn photographs yield their secrets, Esther uncovers a rich tale of wives and ex-wives; revolving mistresses and crushing marriages; intrigues and disappointments; poignant contrasts between the living past and the dead present. In sensuous, inventive prose, Matalon penetrates the mysteries of cultural exile and family life to produce a first novel that is mature, authentic, and deeply moving. Facilitated by Dr. Gil Klein, by Asst. Professor of Theological Studies



Publication Date

Fall 12-2-2012


Jewish, Africa, photographs


Arts and Humanities | Jewish Studies

The One Facing Us