Journal of Movement Arts Literacy Archive (2013-2019)

Author Credentials

Sherrie Barr, M.F.A., C.M.A.


Mining the writings of Laban and his collaborators through a pedagogical lens reveals philosophical underpinnings of a transformative teaching-learning paradigm, one that shares characteristics with the field of critical pedagogy. An examination of the ways this connection unfolds becomes the entrée to this query. The commonly held beliefs that are in play reflect the innovative thinking of the leading pioneers of the two discourses. In each pedagogical praxis, themes of inclusion, reciprocity, and collaboration can be evidenced in a caring and ethical environment with teachers honoring individual learners while simultaneously celebrating the diversity of experiences students bring to the classroom. This paper explores these connections, in particular the relevance of community as a platform to re-mediate Laban Studies as a pedagogical praxis in today’s 21st century world.


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