Journal of Movement Arts Literacy Archive (2013-2019)

Author Credentials

Teresa L Heiland, PhD, CMA


In this special issue of Voices of Notators: Approaches to Writing a Score, eight authors share their unique process of creating and implementing their approach to notating movement, and they describe how that process transforms them as researchers, analysts, dancers, choreographers, communicators, and teachers. These researchers discuss the need to capture, to form, to generate, and to communicate ideas using a written form of dance notation so that some past, present, or future experience can be better understood, directed, informed, and shared. They are organized roughly into themes motivated by relationships between them and their methodological similarities and differences. The papers are arranged to reveal four themes present among these authors. The themes are: (1) revisiting notation history to rethink the future understanding of notation, (2) focusing and developing notation so it can function to capture traditions of the movement form being embodied to support accurate learning, (3) working with technology to capture, document, analyze, and research movement; and (4) practitioner’s perspectives papers that examine approaches to notating scores to focus the tool of notation to maximize the teaching and learning experiences of the participants and, hence, those who use the resultant scores.


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