Journal of Movement Arts Literacy Archive (2013-2019)

Author Credentials

Valarie Williams, MFA, PhD

Professor of Dance

The Ohio State University


The experiences of the notator-at-work are a continuous learning event based on personal discovery, reflection, and trial and error. When in the process of notating a newly created work notators often become engaged with the dance on a unique level compared to the times when they are notating works already in existence. This article examines the notator experience alongside the choreographic process of Bebe Miller, from a case study perspective. Using one instance of Miller’s choreographing Prey (2000) and the notator’s documentation of Miller’s dance, the side by side collaborative processes of the notator-at-work and choreographer-at-work are examined providing a contextual framework in which to analyze these parallel processes. The following provide a format for examining the case study: (a) holistic contexts of creating: what circumstances influenced the making and creating processes; (b) medium: the materials each professional uses while creating; and (c) temporality: how the two processes intersect over time.

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