Document Type

Conference Presentation

Publication Date

Fall 10-31-2016


Description of the session.

This presentation details the complete process map of e-book acquisitions at Loyola Marymount University‘s William H. Hannon Library. In this presentation, we extend and update the model used by Beisler & Kurt (2012) for current workflow considerations. In particular, we will highlight an expansion of the paths that an e-book can take, discuss the improvement of discoverability through cataloging services and review, and look at quality control techniques such as access and link checking.

Objective of the session.

While most literature focuses on certain aspects of e-book workflow, this presentation attempts to portray a holistic viewpoint of e-book acquisitions. By capturing the complexities of the process and visualizing it from the perspective of the big picture, it serves as a guide when writing more detailed procedures, helps us recognize appropriate staffing to perform a task, and it shows how different people interact with one another as part of the process.

What attendees can expect to learn.

Attendees will engage with a complete workflow procedure for the different paths of e-book acquisitions. By attending this presentation, participants may identify a component of this workflow they could implement at their own institutions to improve user satisfaction with e-books. Through audience participation, we hope to create a wider discussion to learn what others in the room are doing with their own e-book acquisitions workflow.

MergedE-BookWorkflow.pdf (78 kB)
Process map of merged e-book workflow