Document Type

Conference Presentation

Publication Date

April 2014


Faculty and librarians at Loyola Marymount University (LMU) are partnering to embed important information literacy skills into the new core curriculum. Beginning fall 2013, every freshman at LMU will spend some mandatory time in their Freshman Seminar course developing basic information literacy skills. The same skills will be reinforced and enhanced in their Rhetorical Arts course the following semester. This will provide the foundation for students to later develop more advanced information literacy skills during a required course that has been “flagged” for information literacy at the upper level. This tiered and systematic approach will allow for a more consistent information literacy experience across all programs of study. The university is also “closing the loop” on a three year assessment cycle of information literacy for the fall 2014 WASC accreditation visit. This presentation will give an overview of learning outcomes and assessment measures at the course level, program level and institution level.