On April 1, 2009, the Loyola of Los Angeles Law Review hosted its Fifth Annual Student Symposium. The symposium included presentations from four Loyola Law Review members, as well as several awards and acknowledgements. The Best Student Article Award was presented to Anthony Bisconti, for his article entitled: The Double Bottom Line - Can Constituency Statutes Protect Socially Responsible Corporations Stuck in Revlon Land? This award was presented by the Loyola Law Review Alumni Association and judged by LLR alums Mike McGuiness (Editor-in-Chief of Volume 20), Deborah Rosenthal (Editor-in-Chief of Volume 30), and David Warner (Chief Productions Editor of Volume 41).

Other student speakers included Jerry Flangan, presenting his article, entitled: A Healthy State of Mind: The Role of Intent in Health Care Service Plan Rescissions; Lauren Horwitz, presenting her article, entitled: Medical Credit Cards: A Clash Between Physicians' Interests and Patients' Rights; and Kate Unger, presenting her article, entitled: Change is in the Wind: Self-Determination and Wind Power Through Tribal Energy Resource Agreements.

At the symposium, the Law Review recognized the efforts of Professor Rick Hasen for his contributions as the faculty coordinator of Volume 42's "Developments in Election Law" issue. The Law Review also recognized the continued efforts of Professor Ted Seto as our faculty advisor. The symposium was organized by Jessica Shpall, Volume 2 Student Symposium Editor.