LMU Speaks featured stories from four individuals representing the LMU campus community. Each of the speakers shared a true, personal story based on a central theme, “The Fork in the Road.” Speakers spoke for 10-minutes, responding to the prompt, “Tell us about a moment from your life when you faced an important decision, a moment of truth, or a crossroads in your path that led to where you are now.” The inaugural line-up of speakers included: Ernesto Colín (Faculty in School of Education), Ulualo Coleman (LMU Undergraduate), Lynn Mitchell-Parrish (Staff in Information Technology Services), and Kaelyn Sabal-Wilson (LMU Undergraduate). Jeff Gatten, Associate Dean of the William H. Hannon Library, moderated the event.


Submissions from 2017


LMU Speaks 2017 Digital Signage, Heather Pilkington


LMU Speaks 2017 Poster, Heather Pilkington