Loyola Digest

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Student published quarterly. Printed by Metropolitan News.

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Editor in Chief: Humberto Garcia, Executive Editor: Robert W. Ridley

Assistants to the Editor: Tony Murray, Ernest A. Vargas

Staff: Joseph Steck, Roberta McGuire, Robert Steinberg, Thomas Stockard, Robert Scuderi, Charles McGrath, Osias Goren, William Rylaarsdam, Loren Miller, Sally Schimizu

Ciculation: Thomas V. Girardi (Manager), Alex Jacinto, William Keese, Thomas Kestler, Vincent Stefano

Photographer: David Rosner

Bursar: Seymour R. Cohen, Esq.

Opinions expressed in the Loyola Digest are those of the writers and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Loyola Digest, the University, the Law School, or the Student Bar Association.



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