Loyola Digest

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Fall 1965


Student published quarterly. Printed by Metropolitan News.

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Editors in Chief: Roger A. Franklin '66, Joseph E. DiLoreto '66

Publication Advisor: Robert Sage

Business Manager: Michael D. Leventhal

Leading Articles: Inheritance and Gift Tax Legislation--1965.....Alan Cranston; Free Speech Question in the Subscription Television Controversy.....Horace V. McNally, Jr.; Insanity and the Criminal Offender.....Lawrence O. de Coster; The Case Against Prosecution Discovery.....Norman Montrose

Faculty Writers: Dean J. Rex Dibble, Professor Richard Rank, Professor Donald Cowen, Professor Clements Smith, Reverend Joseph J. Donovan, S.J.

Student Writers: Joseph DiLoreto, Roger Franklin, Janet Chubb, Ronald Cohen, Kevin Lewand, Bill Herreras, Lola McAlpine, Patrick Lynch, Dennis Merenbach, Burleigh Brewer

Cartoons: John Anthony Bryan



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