Loyola Digest

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Spring 1966


Student published quarterly. Printed by Metropolitan News.

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Editors in Chief: Roger A. Franklin '66, Joseph E. DiLoreto '66

Publication Advisor: Robert S. Sage

Business Manager: Michael D. Leventhal

Leading Articles: Real Estate Transactions and the Six Month Holding Period--James K. Herbert.....38; A Psychological Viewpoint of the Law and Insanity--Mel Berger.....42; Reciprocal Discovery: An Important Reform in Criminal Law--Loyola University Debate Team.....46; An Explanation of Probate Code 41--Joseph Reynolds.....53; Requirements and Output Contracts in California Under the Uniform Commercial Code--Mitchel J. Ezer.....56; The Value of Psychiatric Evidence in Child Custody Proceedings--Robert L. Charbonneau.....71

Faculty Writers: Dean Lloyd Tevis, Professor Richard Rank, Professor L.F.E Goldie, Reverend Joseph J. Donovan, S.J.

Student Writers: Joseph DiLoreto, Roger Franklin, Ronald Cohen, Bill Herreras, Lola McAlpin, Myles Mattenson, Michael Crane, Patrick Lynch

Cover: Father Donovan S.J. Regent. Portrait by William Shulgold. Presented to Loyola Law School by the Alumni at Testimonial Dinner.....51

*Editors Note: Due to the change in the publication format we felt it necessary to revise the volume indexing system. The Loyola Digest is not a new publication, but was brought into existence several years ago. The Editors wish to acknowledge the contributions made by past graduates of the law school to the progress of the Digest.



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