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Student published quarterly. Printed by Metropolitan News.

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Editorial Board:

Editor in Chief: David G. Finkle, Article Editor: Barbara S. Perry, Comment Editor: Burleigh J. Brewer, Note Editor: Theodore A. Robinson

Editors: Burton Schneirow, Philip Shiner, Jack F. Studebaker, George B. Swayne, Jr. Richard E. Troop, Donald R. Wild, David P. Callahan, Gary M. Ceazan, Arthur Fields, Kent V. Graham, Robert F. La Scala, Richard M. Lehn

Articles: M.L. Murray, Foreign Government "Involvement" in the Extraterritorial Application of Antitrust Law.....1; Professor Richard Rank, Criminal Law and Criminology--A Bibliography of Periodicals.....10

Business Staff:

Business Manager: Michael D. Leventhal, Publication Advisor: Robert S. Sage, Advertising Director: Marvin L. Saltzman

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