The Loyola Reporter

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“The Student Newspaper of Loyola Law School, Los Angeles”. 2 copies.

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Editor Emeritus (1954 - ?): Stuart Silverstein, Editor in Chief: Jonathan Mandel, Associate Editor: Mitch Earle, Editor’s Editor: Andy Waxler, Opera Editor: Duff Murphy, News Editor: Lisa Kitsuta

Staff Writers: Ted Bruinsma, Entertainment Writers: Greg Alarcon and Shawn Englert, Cartoonists: Larry Roberts and David Worley, Photographer: Richard Ferch, Copywriter: Debbie Wegman, Exchequer: Janice Burrell

Faculty Advisor: Harry Zavos

This newspaper is published monthly by the Loyola Reporter, which takes full responsibility for its content. All inquiries should be addressed to Editor, Loyola Reporter, 1440 W. 9th St., Los Angeles, Calif. All rights reserved.



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