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Editors-In-Chief: Marc R. Ward and Michael S. Lebovitz, News/Copy Editor: Kathy McGuigan, Features Editor: George Shohet, Community Editor: Kemp Richardson

Staff: Barbara Bailey-Gong, Mark Benson, Paul Coulam, Christine Crawford, Laura Cuddy, Nathan Hoffman, Cindy Franks, Dorothy Kurz, Sherrill Kushner, Jennifer Martyn, Dave Miclean, Phyllis Meadows, Scott Norton, Bob Oliker, Gary Tysch, Hans Van Ligten, Jeanette Viau, Rick Walmark, Irene Ziebarth, Monica Zepeda

This newspaper is published every 3 1/2 weeks by The Loyola Reporter, under the auspices and financial support of the Loyola Student Bar Association. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board. Signed letters reflect the views of the individual author. All inquiries should be sent to Loyola SBA, c/o The Loyola Reporter, 1441 W. Olympic Blvd., Box #73, Los Angeles, CA 90015. All rights reserved. ©1981.



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