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Spring Break Edition. 2 copies.

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Editor-In-Chief: Mitchell A. Jackman, Executive Editor: Ward Wilson, Associate Editors: Jim Lynch and Mike Vetter, Entertainment Editor: T.A. Taylor

Staff: Diana Tani, Tom Scutti, Sean Judge, Chris Liston, Joe La Rosa, Chris Kent, Trish Egan, Mike Core, “J.C.” Thom, Barbara Horowitz, Erwin Nepomuceno, Felise Cohen, Ralph Ortolano, Jr., Marianne Borselle, Anthony Rothman, Mike Vollmer, Joel C. Koury, John Raleigh, Sandy Rogers, Paul Chandler, Chuck Michel, Tamara Gabel, Sandy Gurele, Rosette Cadry, Diane Grover, Phil Weiss – And Growing…

This newspaper is published every month by The Loyola Reporter, under the auspices and financial support of the Loyola Student Bar Association. Unsigned editorials represent the majority opinion of the Editorial Board. Letters to the Editor reflect the views of the individual author. The Loyola Reporter reserves the right not to print materials due to subject matter or space limitations. Inquiries should be sent to: 1441 W. Olympic Blvd., No. 73, Los Angeles, CA 90015.



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