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Editors This Issue: John Trommald, John Gallagher, and Vincent Yanniello

Staff: Cathy Brabson, John Gallagher (Board Member), Alan Markiewicz, Kris Parde, Leslie Reeks (Board Member), Barbara Saltzman, Barbara Stearns, Patrick M. Sullivan, Kathe Thorpe John Trommald (Board Member), Ed Valachovic, Vincent Yanniello (Board Member)

The Loyola Reporter is published by students for the students, faculty and alumni of Loyola Law School of Los Angeles.

Any opinion expressed in the Loyola Reporter is that of the author, and is not necessarily the opinion of the Loyola Reporter, the Day or Evening Student Bar Associations, or Loyola Law School. Unsigned articles or opinions represent the opinion of the Loyola Reporter.

Any person may submit photos, articles, opinions or letters to the editor. Publication is subject to the discretion of the editorial board and is not guaranteed. Photos and articles submitted become property of the Loyola Reporter, and will not be returned.

Submissions and inquiries should be delivered to the information center on the second floor of the Rains building or to: 1441 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015.



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