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Editor-in-Chief: Doug Stenstrom, Executive Editor: Mary Reed, Production Editor: Andrea Schafer

Features Writer: Javier Aguirre, Events Writer: Lauri Deyhimy, Assistant Features: Andrew Cooper, Assistant Events: James Son, Entertainment Writer: Lyle Greenway and Justin Levine, Sports Writer: Todd Carper and Eric Aponte

Design Consultant: Danielle Tramell, Copy Consultant: Ryan Michelman, Staff Writers: Mauricio Rauld, Josh Gross, Mark Wagner, Jeff Wolf, Emily Rosenblum, Lorin Green, Peter Choate, Tsion Chudnofsky, Faculty Advisor: Karl Manheim

The Loyola Reporter

The Loyola Reporter is a student run campus organization that serves the Loyola Law School community and is published monthly during the regular school year. The law school is affiliated with Loyola Marymount University in Westchester, Los Angeles, California. It accepts submissions from students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Loyola Reporter reserves the right to edit or reject all submissions, including ads, articles or other contributions it deems objectionable. Copyright 1998. All rights reserved.

Editorial and Advertising Policy

Editorial opinions or commercial advertisements expressed in The Loyola Reporter do not reflect those of Loyola Law School or Loyola Marymount University. Complaints concerning the editorial content of the newspaper should be directed to The Loyola Reporter.

How to Reach us:

The Loyola Reporter is located at Loyola Law School at 919 S. Albany Street, Los Angeles, California 90015.



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