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Over the past several decades, the composition of the US labor force has changed dramatically, reflecting a consistent and substantial rise in the proportion of working women and dual-earner couples in the workforce. Such changes represent a variety of challenges for both women and their spouses. Certainly, some of the greatest of these challenges result from the expectations, concerns, and potential conflicts that often accompany the ambiguities or dissimilarities among roles such as wife/partner, mother, daughter, administrator, subordinate, or entrepreneur. To illustrate some of these dilemmas, a set of interviews are presented from 2 professional women who chose to confront these work/family issues and whose choices and refections reveal an intriguing panorama of alternative for working women.

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Winsor, Robert & Ensher, Ellen. (2000). Choices Made in Balancing Work and Family: Following Two Women on a 16-Year Journey. Journal of Management Inquiry - J MANAGE INQUIRY. 9. 218-231.