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In an increasingly data-driven world, statistical literacy is becoming an essential competency, not only for researchers conducting formal statistical analyses, but also for informed citizens making every- day decisions based on data. As Mark van der Laan recently wrote in Amstat News (see http://magazine., “We need to take the field of statistics (i.e., the science of learning from data) seriously.” Because statistics and data are everywhere, it is imperative that we educate a population of data-literate people. If not in school, where are individuals expected to learn to be data literate? Teachers need to be able to teach students how to navigate the data world. They are the gatekeepers of the transfer of knowledge to young people. If teachers are the key, then they must be educated in statistics and on how to teach the subject at the different school levels. The Statistical Education of Teachers (SET) report ( SET/SET.pdf), commissioned by the American Statis- tical Association (ASA), addresses how teachers should be prepared in statistics.The purpose of this article is to describe the recommendations put forth in the report.

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Anna Bargagliotti & Christine Franklin (2015) The Statistical Education of Teachers: Preparing Teachers to Teach Statistics, CHANCE, 28:3, 19-27, DOI: 10.1080/09332480.2015.1099362