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In Prüfer domains of finite character, ideals are represented as finite intersections of special ideals which are proper generalizations of the classical primary ideals. We show that representations of ideals as shortest intersections of primal or quasi-primary ideals exist and are unique. Moreover, every non-zero ideal is the product of uniquely determined pairwise comaximal quasi-primary ideals. Semigroups of primal and quasi-primary ideals with fixed associated primes are also investigated in arbitrary Prüfer domains. Their structures can be described in terms of the value groups of localizations.

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Fuchs, Laszlo, and Edward Mosteig. “Ideal Theory in Prüfer Domains —An Unconventional Approach.” Journal of Algebra, vol. 252, no. 2, Jan. 2002, pp. 411–430. doi:10.1016/S0021-8693(02)00040-6.

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