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This paper considers the microbial batch culture for producing 1,3-propanediol(1,3-PD) via glycerol disproportionation. Due to the nature of the fractional order operations, a novel fractional order model, which is based upon the original ordinary differential dynamic system, is introduced to describe the complex bioprocess in a more accurate manner. Existence and uniqueness of solutions to the novel fractional order system and the continuity of solutions with respect to the parameters are discussed respectively. In addition, a parameter identification problem of the system is presented, and a particle swarm optimization algorithm is constructed to solve it. Finally, the conclusion is drawn by numerical simulations.

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Mu, Pan & Wang, Lei & An, Yi & Ma, Yanping. (2017). A Novel Fractional Microbial Batch Culture Process and Parameter Identification. Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems. 26.