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We study an optimal investment and dividend problem of an insurer, where the aggregate insurance claims process is modeled by a pure jump Lévy process. We allow the management of the dividend payment policy and the investment of surplus in a continuous-time financial market, which is composed of a risk free asset and a risky asset. The information available to the insurer is partial information. We generalize this problem as a partial information regular-singular stochastic control problem, where the control variable consists of regular control and singular control. Then maximum principles are established to give sufficient and necessary optimality conditions for the solutions of the regular-singular control problem. Finally we apply the maximum principles to solve the investment and dividend problem of an insurer.

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Wang, Yan & Zhao, Yanxiang & Wang, Lei & Song, Aimin & Ma, Yanping. (2018). Stochastic maximum principle for partial information optimal investment and dividend problem of an insurer. Journal of Industrial and Management Optimization. vol 14, no 2. 653-671. doi: 10.3934/jimo.2017067.

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