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Summer vacation brings back fond memories: playing frisbee in the park, bike-riding till dusk, sipping lemonade on the porch with Grandpa, collecting shells at the beach, solving that difficult math problem you've been working on for the past several weeks. Wait a minute, you say? Many mathematics majors don't realize that numerous summer opportunities exist (many of them paid, so you don't need to get that job bagging groceries, too). A math program provides intellectual stimulation during those hot summer months, bringing your level of concentration up from swatting flies and applying sunscreen. The following descriptions are from actual participants in a few of the many available programs. You might even know students at your own school who would love to share their experiences with you. Your professors and academic advisors also serve as invaluable resources, and the Internet has a wealth of in formation. Start looking now to plan your summer of 2001!

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